UAE Mobile Journey Planner – Abstract


The Public Transportation in the UAE has been expanding since the last several years, and there is currently a higher demand to use public transportation to reduce the traffic jams caused by cars. To encourage more people to use public transportation in the UAE and to reduce the number of cars on the streets, it is essential to develop a journey planner that would make it easier to plan trips beforehand.

There is a web based journey planner for public transportation in Dubai, called “Wojhati”. However, there are no journey planners in other emirates. Additionally, there are no mobile journey planners for any emirate in UAE, and this is another motivation to implement this application.

The application is able to read the user’s starting and ending points and then generate the best routes to the destination according to certain criteria, such as the Shortest Distance and Shortest Time. The route is displayed on the map along with other information, such as the bus route number, distance, and duration. This application can operate in offline mode. The routes to destination can still be displayed to the user even when the user does not have an Internet connection.

For future work, more means of public transport and more cities can be included. Moreover, the calculated fees for every plan and the Points of Interest surrounding the bus stops can be added in this application too.


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